Plans develop and change over time. Market disruptions, job changes, health concerns, marriage, children and other various life events can all occur unexpectedly or without a set date in mind. And not all plans will be the same. But it all starts with a conversation with your clients.

Whether you’re demonstrating what-if scenarios in our interactive planning tools, providing an organized dashboard for your clients, or staying connected through our marketing solutions – eMoney is here to help you support your clients at each step of their financial journey.

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Drive your client conversations with the eMoney planning solution. Uncover goals and map a plan to provide peace of mind, so you can seamlessly plan for your client's most important decisions.

Planning Across the Client Lifecycle

Model recommendations and their potential impact to help your clients visualize the path to reach their goals with eMoney's Financial Planning solutions.

Elevate the Client Experience

Provide clients with a real-time, on-demand financial planning experience so they can track progress toward their financial goals with eMoney's Client Portal.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Analyze and identify opportunities to deepen client interaction with Advanced Analytics.

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