Intermediate Series

For mid-level users, these 1 hour sessions expand your knowledge of the eMoney Platform. A session from this series is held daily at 11:00am ET.

Creating a Complete Picture:

Join us as we review the optimum workflow for maximum efficiency within the eMoney Platform.
Upcoming Dates:
January 26th
February 6th, 15th, 27th
March 8,th 17th, 28th

Understanding the Assumptions:

Discover the importance of accurate assumptions and how they affect cash flow simulations and your client's financial plans.
Upcoming Dates:
January 27th
February 7th, 16th, 28th
March 9th, 20th, 29th

Entering Portfolio Assets:

Get ready to explore your client's portfolio assets. As an introduction to portfolio assets, this session outlines best practices for using facts and relevant reports to accurately enter investment types in to the eMoney platform.
Upcoming Dates:
January 30th
February 8th, 17th
March 1st, 10th, 21st, 30th

Property and Protection in eMoney:

Explore eMoney best practices for inputting personal property and real estate, as well as various insurance policies.
Upcoming Dates:
January 31st
February 9th, 21st
March 2nd, 13th, 22nd, 31st

Getting the Flows Right:

Join us for an in-depth look at all cash flow related Facts within eMoney. Review our advanced cash flow simulation, then dive deep into all income, expense, and transfer workflows.
Upcoming Dates:
February 1st, 10th, 22nd
March 3rd, 14th, 23rd
April 3rd

Diving Deeper with Reports:

Understand how to effectively use our most popular planning reports and even discover some lesser known reports. This session outlines how to use reports to their full potential and present customized presentations to your clients.
Upcoming Dates:
January 24th
February 2nd, 13th, 23rd
March 6th, 15th, 24th
April 4th

Planning for General Client Types:

Learn how to effectively use the eMoney platform to serve a variety of different client types. This session explores best practices for low, moderate, and high net worth households.
Upcoming Dates:
January 25th
February 3rd, 14th, 24th
March 7th, 16th, 27th
April 5th

Webinars & Recordings Series

Custom Training



Design a customized virtual or in-person program to meet your training needs.

This approach is recommended for both long-time eMoney users looking for training on more in-depth topics or new users seeking group training to get their office up to speed.

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