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You are the guide for your clients on their journeys to financial peace of mind. As your partner in this role, eMoney consistently provides you with new features and enhancements that make it easier to navigate the road ahead with a clear, engaging, and collaborative planning experience.

See what's new to help you bring more plans to more people.

View our latest enhancements that allow advisors to have more effective, efficient, and engaging planning conversations with their clients.

Create hyper-personalized planning dashboards

Introducing Multi-View, a new way to visualize the impact of plan changes across multiple reports simultaneously and provide clients with a personalized financial plan dashboard.

Easily customize and deliver consolidated plan summaries.

With the new customizable Plan Summary report, you can customize a personalized report that reflects the direct outputs of your financial planning conversations.

Achieve the results you want quickly and easily

With Monte Carlo Solvers in eMoney, it's easy to set your client's desired probability of success and see how to achieve the results they are seeking—without having to wonder, guess, or make multiple adjustments.

Bring client conversations to life

With the eMoney Client Portal, you can provide clients with a real-time, on-demand financial experience that strengthens your relationships and keeps you at the forefront of digital trends. Offer your client an interactive and collaborative experience that promotes engagement and utilization, and foster deeper, stronger relationships.

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