Understanding the Impact of Data Visualization

on Client Behavior (1 CFP® CE Credit*)

Your clients are being inundated with information. Major alerts, breaking news, and micro distractions are ubiquitous in our everyday lives—and none of it is random. Clients are navigating systems that have been carefully designed to nudge and encourage their behavior for attention, time, and money.

Have you taken the time to consider the impact visual cues have on behavior and how you can create information that motivates optimal client behavior? In this session, we will explore data visualization's effect on human behavior and how you can use it for good.

*CFP Credits not applicable for viewing recorded webinar

Dr. Michael Thomas Jr., Ph.D., AFC®
Financial Empathy &
Compassion Specialist
University of Georgia

Sasha Grabenstetter, AFC®
Financial Planning Education Consultant
eMoney Advisor