Automated Marketing Campaigns and Analytics Are Here!

Automated Campaigns enable users to schedule and launch targeted content campaigns to generate and nurture leads through digital channels. Now we're enhancing Automated Campaigns with Campaign Analytics that will provide insight into marketing effectiveness and performance. Plan and launch your marketing campaign, then analyze the results to guide future efforts.

Manage your marketing efforts within your eMoney application.h shortly.

eMoney's Advisor Branded Marketing keeps you in front of clients and helps grow your pipeline through fresh content and automated campaigns.

Pick a Campaign

Choose from a list of targeted campaigns to reach niche markets. Campaigns are designed to resonate with most common client segments including women, clients with children, Baby Boomers, business owners, and more.

Review Your Content

All the content for each campaign is ready-made, so all you need to do is review it. Share content as-is or personalize items with your own messaging.

Launch Your Campaign

Schedule your campaign and let the automation do the rest. Once a lead is ready to talk, you'll be notified to schedule the first meeting.

Analyze Your Campaign

Campaign Analytics give you an in-depth view of your campaign's reach and engagement. Continue doing what's successful, and change what can be improved.

Ready to see the new Advisor Branded Marketing in action?

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