Advanced Planning Skills: Integrating Academic

Research and Technology into Your Service

Delivery, Part 2 (1 CFP® CE Credit*) 

Building on insights from Part 1, this webinar will demonstrate how to deliver efficient and thoughtful financial planning services. The session will show how using eMoney gives clients an understanding of their current and future situations by pairing empirical evidence with client experience. Examples using estate planning, retirement planning, and savings will be provided. The session also serves as an example of the practical application of research.

*CFP Credits not applicable for viewing the recording

Emily Koochel, Ph.D., AFC®, CFT-ITM
Manager, Financial Wellness and Education
eMoney Advisor
Michael Kothakota, Ph.D., CFP®
WolfBridge Wealth
Timothy M. Todd, Ph.D.
Director of Wealth Management and Financial Planning Program
Liberty Law
Stu Heckman, Ph.D., CFP®
Associate Professor of Practice and Ph.D. Program Director
Texas Tech University
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