From Client Resistance to Action 

(1 CFP® CE Credit*)

Have you had clients who never seem to follow your advice and recommendations? You've exhausted all your options—provided information, showed the charts and graphs, and gave them the data. You've warned them. You've tried persuading them. You used interactive visuals. Nothing seems to work, and now you think you might have to fire them.

In this presentation, you'll learn why your clients may pay you for your advice only to ignore it. Using tools from financial psychology, neuroscience, motivational interviewing, and behavioral finance, you'll learn about the stages of change clients go through, how their brains respond to stressful events (which may include visits to your office), and how to help them find their own motivation to change.

*CFP Credits not applicable for viewing recorded webinar

Arleny Abad
Senior Financial Planning Education Consultant
eMoney Advisor
Derek Hagen, CFA, CFP®️, CFT-I™, FBS®️, CIPM
Meaningful Money